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D-Tartaric acid

  • CAS No:147-71-7 D-Tartaric acid
    Molecular Structure

    Detailed Description

    Quick Details

    ProName:D-Tartaric acid


    Molecular Formula:C4H6O6

    Appearance:powder and crystal


    DeliveryTime:3 days after payment confirmation

    PackAge:According to your request


    ProductionCapacity:1 Metric Ton/Month


    Storage:Dry and ventilated


    CAS Number: 147-71-7

    Molecular formula: C4H6O6

    Molecular weight: 150.09

    EINECS number: 205-695-6

    Appearance: White crystalline powder

    Purity: Pharmaceutical Grade

    Content: ≥99.5-101%


    Mainly used in beverages, candy, bread, gelatin as sour agent, biochemical reagent, resolving agent of the racemate, and medicine resolving agent. It is also used in photography, canning, printing and dyeing, ceramics and other resolving agents and salts, esters, etc. Used as medicine resolving agent, food additive, biochemical reagent, etc. Uses: This product is widely used in food industry, such as beer foaming agent, food sour agent, flavoring agent, used in refreshing drinks, candy, juice, sauce , cold dishes, baking powder, etc.

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  • D-Tartaric acid
  • D-Tartaric acid