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  • CAS No:123-73-9 (E)-but-2-enal
    Molecular Structure

    Detailed Description

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    ProName: High purity Crotonaldehyde with best quality
    CasNo: 123-73-9
    Molecular Formula: C4H6O
    Appearance: Colorless and transparent liquid
    Application: Used for producting n-butyraldehyde, n-butanol,rubber vu;canization accelerator,alcohol denaturant,and tanning agents
    DeliveryTime: within in 5-7 working days after receiving payment
    PackAge: 25kg/iron drum or basis user request
    Port: Wuhan, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin port
    ProductionCapacity: 300 Kilogram/Day
    Purity: ≥99%
    Storage: Sealed,light and oxygen resistant

    Used in the production of n-butyraldehyde, n-butanol, rubber vulcanization accelerators, alcohol denaturants and tinctures, etc.
    Use organic synthetic raw materials for the preparation of butyraldehyde, butanol, 2-ethylhexanol, sorbic acid, 3-methoxybutanal, 3-methoxybutanol, crotonic acid, quinaldine, cis Butic anhydride and pyridine products. In addition, the reaction of crotonaldehyde with butadiene can produce epoxy resin raw materials and epoxy plasticizers. The heat resistant resin raw material can be obtained by reacting with pentaerythritol. Butenal can also be used to make beneficiation foaming agents, dyes and rubber antioxidants, insecticides and military chemicals. Industrial grade crotonaldehyde is actually a mixture of trans isomers and cis isomers [4170-30-3]. However, the cis isomer is unstable and contains less than 1%.
    Used as a chromatographic standard, rubber accelerator, antioxidant and insecticide, also used in organic synthesis

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  • Crotonaldehyde
  • Crotonaldehyde